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WE all love a bit of sauce - but do you know the damage a dollop of what you fancy can do to an otherwise healthy meal?
Salty seasonings, fatty flavourings and calorie-packed condiments play havoc with our diet.
Too much mayo, ketchup or tartare sauce can put paid to plans to eat well. But other additives actually contribute health benefits to your meal.
We asked nutritionist Angela Dowden to rate her favourites. And the results will surprise you...
HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP - Per tablespoon: 21.4 calories, 0.02g fat, 0.2g sodium
THERE is one level teaspoonful of salt per tablespoon of sauce - which is concerning as too much salt in your diet raises blood pressure and increases the risk of strokes. That said, there isn't much fat in it and it contains lycopene, which has anti-cancer benefits.
ANGELA'S VERDICT: OK in small doses, but don't have too much. 6/10

Por este andar, ainda vão-nos aconcelhar a comer "fast food" também conhecida por "junk food", por conter ingredientes saudáveis...
Vivam os Hamburgers, as Pizzas e afins.

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